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Stir Fried Noodle Dishes
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Special Beef Noodle Soup
Beef Noodle Soup (Beef Broth)
Rice Dishes
Vietnamese Sub
Wonton, Rice and Egg Noodle Soup (Chicken Broth)
A1. Pork Spring Rolls (4)
C$ 7.95
A2. Seafood Spring Rolls (3)
C$ 7.95
A3. Shrimp Salad Roll (3)
C$ 7.95
A4. Grilled Satay Chicken Salad Roll (3)
C$ 7.95
A5. Satay Beef Salad Roll (3)
C$ 7.95
A6. Grilled Pork Salad Roll (3)
C$ 7.95
A7. Spice Grilled Beef Roll with Vegetables (4)
C$ 9.95
A8. Grilled Satay Shrimp Skewers (2)
C$ 8.95
A9. Deep Fried Crispy Shrimp (4)
C$ 7.95
A11. Crispy Chicken Wings with Special Sauce, Peppers and Onion (8)
C$ 10.95
A10. Crispy Chicken Wings (8)
C$ 8.95
A12. Crispy Chicken Wings with Fish Sauce
C$ 10.50
A13. Deep Fried Chicken Wings
C$ 8.95
A14. Butter Deep Fried Quail (4)
C$ 10.95
A15. French Fried Potatoes & Chicken Nuggets
C$ 8.95
A0. Vegetarian Spring Rolls (4)
C$ 7.95
A16. Beef Rattle
C$ 18.95
A17. Grilled Betel Wrapped Beef & Pork
C$ 16.95